Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wow, my first blog entry. Ok here goes. There is a gas station across the street from where I work. I have been going to this station daily for nearly 3 years. The 3rd shift cashier has always referred to me by my first name. He would say things like "Good morning James", "How is James today", and "James you are quite possibly the most outstanding citizen in all of Greensboro." Last week I made my nightly 3:45am trip to get an energy drink when he asks "How are you today GARY?" Stunned, I replied that I was doing fine. As the morning went on, I began to wonder if perhaps I misheard him. After agreeing that was the case, I go back the next day and I am greeted with "Hey GARY, are you going to have your usual Full Throttle tonight?" In the nights following, he has still been calling me Gary. Naturally, this whole situation has me quite perplexed. Did he REALLY forget my name after 3 years, or is he just messing with me?

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